• Featuring the very latest designs for Luxury bathrooms, these mirrors have LED lighting to create beautiful effects. Simple elegance and clarity, our LED mirrors are a highlight in all modern bathrooms.
  • As one of the biggest illuminated mirror producers in China, we have a large collection of backlit mirrors designed to reflect elegance and taste. Classic styling combined with modern lighting system, Biaodi backlit mirrors are both practical and highly attractive in any bathrooms.
  • As a leading lighting and electronic manufacturer, our focus remains on innovation to stay at the forefront of the industry and to support the initiatives of our customers.The rechargeable battery powered LED mirrors we have created are more flexible in installation and have received a very positive response from the market.
  • Integrated LED illumination, exquisite workmanship, elegant design, flexible storage space: Biaodi's LED mirror cabinets are the combination of aesthetic beauty and practicality.
  • Distinguished with LED illuminated mirror cabinets, the fluorescent mirror cabinets are featured with replaceable fluorescent lamps which can fully illuminate both the room and the inside of the open cabinet.
  • Fitted with LED light, Biaodi's battery powered mirror cabinets have been developed for low energy consumption and more convenient in using.

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